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Ana Montero del Amo

I am a story and tale writer.

I love life, the sun, the sea, the wind and I am in love with the smell the rain spreads while passing by.

Who I Am

Hello. I am Ana Montero del Amo and I am a story and tale writer.
I am a lucky person, as I grew up surrounded by family’s love.

I am a rebel, by nature, and I question the facts until I use up all possible ways to my powers. Since I was a child, everyone has led me to write my stories. Thanks to them, I have learned a lot of myself and I have eventually found out that only from one self’s love, it is possible to overcome any obstacle.
Nowadays, I teach English tutorials to children and adults.
I am the oldest of five siblings, each of them brought up by a different ‘mother’.
I have been married twice and I have two sons. At this moment, I am in love with my love.
My family is my pillar. Thanks to them I keep alive and kicking, so I am here without having been invited.
I apologize in advance.
I am also a lucky person to have very good friends, excellent people, and wonderful human beings.

What do I like

I like telling stories and embellish them.
I like words and the way they are mixed in order to express contents or to cause emotions, even the tail that that words succession pictures between the lines, leaving some messages.
I like life, the sun, the sea, the wind and I am in love with the smell of the rain while passing by.
I love music and dance. And above all, I keen on reading.


Here I am because I would like to present you my story, the first one I make public.
I have not had a reason to do it so far, not to mention fears and insecurities.
This story is a tribute for a beloved person.
I had the luck of knowing and loving her, as well as spending great moments with her.
I wish you like.
Looking forward to sharing my next story with you. Thank you.
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I invite you to read my first chapter
I would like to tell you that ‘The Maze of Aunt Mara’ is not a biography but a short tale; therefore, it is preferable to read all at once. Thank you

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